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 Princess and the frog 2.

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BerichtOnderwerp: Princess and the frog 2.   za dec 11, 2010 1:46 pm

Een tweede deel van Disney's Princess and the frog.
Je hoeft deze film niet gezien te hebben om het verhaal te begrijpen.
Je moet echter wel engels kunnen.
Een paar kleine, handige weetjes:
~ Naveen was door Dr. Facilier [Voodoo man] in een kikker veranderd.
~ Op een gekostumeerd bal heeft Tiana hem gekust, omdat hij haar had
beloofd om haar dan geld te geven voor haar restaurant die ze graag wil.
~ Omdat ze geen prinses is veranderd zij ook in een kikker.
~ Ze hebben eerst een hekel aan elkaar
~ Na een lange reis en veel belevenissen trouwen ze.
~ Op deze manier word Tiana wél een prinses.
~ Ze leefden nog lang en gelukkig.
~ Louis is een trompetspelende alligator waar ze mee bevriend
zijn geraakt in de Bayou. [moeras]
~ Maldonia [Nl=Maldonië] is een door Disney verzonnen land.

Als je verder nog vragen hebt, kun je me altijd Pben!
Hier komt het begin van het verhaal;

In the South Land there's a city
Way down on the river
Where the women are very pretty
And all the men deliver
They got music
It's always playin'
Start in the day time, go all through the night
When you hear that music playin'
Hear what I'm saying, it make you feel alright

Jazz music was playing the whole evening again in Tiana’s Palace. There was noise of talking, trumpets and laughter and everyone agreed this restaurant was the best of New Orleans. Well, not everyone…
“This is rubbish!” A man suited in the most expensive tuxedo didn’t look very happy, and shouted at a waitress. “You there! You’re a waitress, right? I want to have a little talk with the owner of this crap restaurant,” he shouted. His wife and daughter were a shamed to sit on the same table, and they said nothing. It wouldn’t help anyway. The innocent waitress walked straight to the man, a little frightened. “What is it, sir?” she asked and tried to stay calm. The man looked at her like she was an alien. “As I already told you. I want to talk to the owner of this restaurant.” She went, a little nervous, to the big kitchen and looked for the face of Tiana who was always tasting the food before it was going to be served. All the chefs listened to her critic, and they knew that when she didn’t give any tips; their food was perfect. “Peggy.”
A familiar voice came from the background. The waitress turned to Tiana who suddenly stood next to her. “Oh, Tiana, there is this angry man who wants to talk to ya,” she said a little confused. In most restaurants the employees all had to call their boss; madam or sir.
But Tiana ever told them to call her simply ‘Tiana’ and sometimes even ‘Tia’. The proud owner nodded at Peggy and walked out of the kitchen, looking for a man who probably had critic on her food. It wasn’t hard to find him, because there was only one person waving at her. The man was long, had expensive clothes and was looking a little angry, as Peggy already said. Tiana went to the man while her beautiful, green dress moved elegant with her steps. “Good evening sir. My name’s Tiana, I’m the owner of the restaurant. You wanted to talk with me?” she said politely. The man nodded and looked for a moment at his wife, then he turned back to Tiana. “Yes. This restaurant sucks. The food is bad, the music is freaking me out and the employees are slow,” he said sure of himself. His wife looked away from the scene playing and shook her head, and their teenage daughter looked confused at her father. After all, Tiana kept smiling friendly and stayed very calm. “I’m very sorry for you sir, but my employees tried their very best and..” She couldn’t finish her sentence because suddenly the voice of a women came between. “Paul, stop it. There’s nothing wrong with this restaurant. You ruined it all with your useless critic.” Tiana smiled gratefully to the woman and left the family alone.

The moment she wanted to pull the kitchen door, she felt a hand pulling her arm. Of course, it was Charlotte, her hyperactive, annoying, but good friend. “Tia, Tia!” Lottie shouted, with a big smile. Tiana smiled back because of her friend’s happiness. Before she could say anything, Lottie took her to the dance floor. It was very busy, and they couldn’t see anything but dancing people. “I wanna’ introduce you to someone,” Charlotte said and looked dreamy at a boy, who was long and skinny. The boy smiled at Charlotte and it was like they knew each other for years. Lottie hopped on her high heels to the boy and took his arm. “Tia, this is Vince.” Tiana laughed in herself and when Lottie stood next to her again, she whispered in Charlottes ear; “That isn’t a prince.” Charlotte thought about it for a few minutes and then opened her mouth again. “Well, he’s my prince.”

“Naveen!” Louis closed the door after he got in the coffee room. The handsome prince was sitting at a table with a cup of coffee and there were some other people talking. Naveen stood up suddenly and put his arm over Louis’ shoulders. “Ah, Louis!” he shouted with a big smile on his face. Louis handed over a letter he got from the post-office servant. There was a stamp of Maldonia -the kingdom of Naveen’s parents- on the envelope. “From your mommy and daddy, huh?” Louis grinned. “Why don’t you just go make music with that trompet of you,” the prince reacted. The alligator didn’t doubt a second and run off to the stage in the biggest hall of Tiana’s Palace, were a band was performing. Jazz music, obviously. Naveen laughed and took place in his old chair again. When he pulled the letter out of the envelope, he started reading. “Faldi Faldonza…”

Er kunnen spellingsfouten inzitten, ik kan ook geen perfect engels Wink
Graag melden! Dan kan ik het verbeteren.
Tips, opmerkingen? Altijd welkom. Bij ieder 'hoofdstuk' maak ik een tekening.
Ik heb dat nu nog niet gedaan, maar het hoofdstuk is nog niet helemaal af dus het komt later nog. Ik heb wel een 'voorkant' gemaakt;

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Princess and the frog 2.
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